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Bespoke Timber Kits

Timber kit homes, schools, hotels and other buildings – our team can design a bespoke timber kit for your specific requirements.

Skinners Construction are timber frame specialists and can offer a wide range of timber kits ranging from timber kit homes to hotels. We can design bespoke timber kits from your architectural drawings to ensure the project fits your exact specification.

We can manufacturer your timber kit and also erect it to a wind and water tight stage. Our manufacturing and design team have created a wide range of bespoke timber structures. We have manufactured timber kits for schools, care homes, houses, hotels, medical practices and other buildings. 

Using timber for the structure means we can manufacture the kit completely off-site which is a huge benefit as you aren’t relying on the weather. This also means we can complete the project on time and within budget.

A bespoke timber house kit | Timber kit homes Scotland


Commercial timber kit | Timber kit homes Scotland


A timber kit extension | Timber kit homes Scotland


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